Nobody Applauds Me at Work

Nobody ever applauds me at work. Never. Ever. Well , there are the few times, I suppose, that I make a presentation or give a lecture and my audience applauds as a courtesy. This is not so much a spontaneous applause of appreciation but rather a muted, forced, half-hearted, because-we-gotta-do-it applause. When I say no one ever applauds […]


Throw Your Hat Over the Fence. (Alternate title: Find Your Own Castle)

I used to read the Readers Digest magazine a lot. I mean a LOT. In fact, in my early 20’s my parents gave me a 2 year subscription to the magazine. Call me crazy, or nerdy, but I doubt that many twenty somethings are perusing the pages of the Digest these days. Do they even publish anymore? […]


Throw Away Your Guidebooks, Maps and Schedules.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, arguably the most influential philosopher of the 20th century wrote “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” By this Wittgenstein argues that that not only does our language provide a vehicle for exchanging information and ideas about our world but instead it also provides the boundaries for how we can possibly think about the […]

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How To Survive a Nuclear Blast in a Tent

We marched single file into the darkened movie theatre. As part of our nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare training program the entire unit was about to be to be shown a film on proper procedure for surviving a nuclear holocaust. I hear shuffling behind me as members of our unit exchange seats in order to […]


Skydiving is as safe as ….. curling?

Jumping out of a perfectly working, moving, aircraft has always held a curious, perhaps even morbid, attraction for me. Skydiving, more than any other ‘thrill sport’ such as bungee jumping, luge, or curling after 14 beers, promised an almost out-of-body experience. It provided an opportunity to put my thrill seeking alter-ego to the maximum challenge. […]