Two Wheels Turning

REPOST! My quads were already burning and my lungs hurt a little. It was only 9:27AM and I still had 301km left to cycle. Not to mention an apparently never ending hill. Feeling good BEFORE the ride The night before I had loaded down my Opus hybrid bicycle with two overstuffed panniers and fastened a […]


Just Buy the Ticket.

Many years ago, more than I care to remember, a close friend of mine suggested we “go to Europe” during the period between graduating high school and beginning our post secondary careers. At the time nothing could have seemed crazier to me. Go to Europe? Why? I was destined to begin a college diploma course […]


Sailing Under African Skies

In 72 days my wife Andrea and I will land in Rome to begin a 3 week backpacking adventure. Starting in Italy our travel plans also include Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. A West to Eastern European type route. We have very few plans laid and have no intention to muddle up this opportunity […]


Nobody Applauds Me at Work

Nobody ever applauds me at work. Never. Ever. Well , there are the few times, I suppose, that I make a presentation or give a lecture and my audience applauds as a courtesy. This is not so much a spontaneous applause of appreciation but rather a muted, forced, half-hearted, because-we-gotta-do-it applause. When I say no one ever applauds […]