This year I will create.

Churchill says change.
Churchill and change.

Well, so much for that. It is still January though it seems the Christmas and New Year break was months ago. Years ago. Eons ago.

I have made, and have already broken, a number of New Years resolutions. This year, as in years past, I was to read more, lose weight, get in better shape, be a better person, travel more, eat less and exercise more. It is only early but the writing is on the wall for most of these resolutions.

But the thing about these resolutions is that they are inventions and ambitions of the former self. They do not represent you as you are today but rather they represent what the old you wanted. The old you that existed before the eons had past. Before the change.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill

Inspiration for change comes in many forms. This term I am fortunate enough to be teaching a course titled “Transformations in Media” to a wonderfully creative group of university students. This course challenges students to thoroughly examine the changes, possibilities and opportunities (and limitations) occurring because of the digital disruption of the modern mediascape. This is a topic that digital natives, in my experience, have given surprisingly little thought although it affects them profoundly.

Throughout the term I challenge them to be involved. Create. Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Make a film. Record music. Be creative. They have responded enthusiastically and in their response I found my own inspiration.

Create good art.

While my other ‘resolutions’ are still important I am reminded that being creative, connected, and active may be the most important goal I can reach for. Writing this blog is is one of the ways I can create and I vow, once again, to write more. If you are a blogger or writer you will know that consistently writing makes writing much easier. This post has been painful to complete but I am hopeful and optimistic that the next post will be easier.

So, while I will still try to exercise more and eat less I will also attempt to create and engage more. To this end I’ve booked a small number of music gigs and stand-up comedy performances. I’ve also started writing, and recording, songs for my next album. Finally, tackling story telling through film is on my list of creative endeavours so I’ll continue to spam with short films for the next while.

I hope you are able to live up to your resolutions this year but if not, consider changing them. It makes reaching your goals much easier. As for my original New Years resolutions; I weigh about the same although I’ve exercised a little more, I’m halfway through a terrific Bill Bryson novel, I have watched a ton of great movies though that wasn’t actually on the list. I have, however, booked a month-long backpacking trip to Europe so I may accomplish the one goal of travelling more.

If you do want to see the things I create this year you should totally follow this blog.

— Wayne